FinKAB is a Financial Literacy Education Platform for Individuals and Families. Since 2018, we have been publishing financial education contents on and the FinKAB Facebook page. We also consolidate our latest featured articles and educational contents in our bi-weekly newsletters for our readers.

As a leader in financial education platform, we directly engage our readers via our exclusive workshops, talks, seminars, forums and other co-branding program. We appreciate every opportunity to share finance knowledge to the community and the new generation. We are more than happy to explore any upcoming opportunities with schools, corporates, NGOs to further raise the communities awareness of financial literacy. Please do not hesitate to speak to us in how we might cooperate.

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FinKAB是個人和家庭的理財知識平台。 自2018年以來,我們一直在FinKAB.com和FinKAB Facebook專頁面上發布理財教育文章、理財知識、實用理財工具、教學貼士等等。我們亦在每兩週的電子報中與我們的讀者分享最新及最熱門的理財文章及資訊。


聯絡我們:[email protected]